The creative process for each piece is a unique one; it captures a moment in time that I cannot experience again. ~Susan Hart

1217- Inner Circle - Copy.jpg

Richard Terrell Professor of Art Emeritus, Doane University
I have observed Susan Hart's work for a number of years now, and this exhibit is one of those in which the explorations of visual form pursued over years come together with strong resolution and consistency of expression. Not only are the works compelling in texture, color, and composition, they evoke a sense of time and memory, of things fading away or newly discovered and transformed—mysterious but real presences. They state the possibility of abstract form to touch familiar life experiences of joy, sorrow, pleasure and melancholy. Susan Hart is a gifted artist who probes in unique ways the world of attachments and emotion, the subtle nuances of passing life.


Louise Fletcher
Susan’s paintings are richly textured and full of mystery and intrigue, hinting at places seen and situations experienced, but with the full story never quite explained. They are paintings to get lost in.